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Our Offerings

Each Energetic Healing Session is completely unique and attuned to your individual needs. At the beginning of each Session, Kyomi will complete an energy reading and discuss your Session plan to bring you back into balance.


Energy Balancing Session
(90 min, $150)

In the first meeting, I will focus on getting to know you, understanding your energy flow, and offering initial adjustments to support you. This will involve hearing from you what brings you to the session and what your needs are. While you share, I both listen to your story as well as the energy surrounding your story, and feel into what your body is also saying about your situation. Following this process, I will provide you with the adjustments needed to support you towards your goals. Most of my clients can experience how it feels to be in balance by the end of the session. This session also includes recommendations for maintaining a state of well-being in the days and weeks to follow.

Energy Balancing Session
(60 min, $100)

 Within a 2 month window following your initial Energy Balancing Session, follow-up sessions are offered at a reduced fee to support energetic entrainment. It is highly recommended that Follow-up sessions be booked no more than 2 weeks following your initial Energy Healing Session, and a total of 3 times within the first 2 months in order to fully reinforce the new habit and ensure the body automatically returns to this new state of balance. Longer maintenance plans can also be discussed to support your healing goals. 

Image by Helen Labeque
Image by Nate Bell

Energy Balancing Session for youth  under 18

Being a young adult can be challenging, especially when also dealing with symptoms such as anxiety, ADD/ADHD, difficulty sleeping, pain, and feelings of insecurity. Highly sensitive youth are particularly prone to challenges such as these. It is common for parents to have concerns about their youth's well-being and seek to understand and support their child through these challenges. At the same time, it can be difficult in our medication-focused society to find alternatives or a fresh perspective and solutions. Energy Balancing Sessions work in conjunction with mainstream approaches or as a stand-alone approach, providing both youth and parents with tools, techniques, and healing energy to remove stagnation, receive perspective on patterns that reinforce issues, and support them to return to a place of peace, balance, and self-acceptance. 

*Sessions are as described for adults, however less time is needed per session. 

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